We understand that when a hard drive, USB stick or other media fails, it can be a horrible experience, nobody wants to experience data loss. Whatever happened to your data there is a chance it can be recovered. Data can instantly disappear and if you don't have a recent backup it can look as if it is gone forever. Data is stored on many devices, mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktops, USB sticks and memory cards but unfortunately any device can fail, only when the device fails do you realise how important the data is.


Problem diagnosis

Fixed quotation prepared

Lost or deleted files recovered

Files put onto DVD, USB stick or external hard drive*


Almost all data from any faulty device can be recovered, whether it's your family photographs, your entire music collection or valuable business data. We can also recover deleted or formatted data as well. If we cannot recover any data, you will not pay anything.


from £70.00 (excl. parts)

Bring your equipment in and we will carry out the data recovery and then contact you when it’s ready for collection.

from £105.00 (excl. parts)

We will pick-up your equipment carry out the data recovery and then contact you to arrange a suitable time to return it.

ONSITE - (Unavailable)

Sorry but this service is not available on-site, please choose from either our bring-in or pick-up services instead.


How much does data recovery cost?

Prices start from £50 to recover deleted files. Recovery for corrupt data varies significantly from case to case. Not only are there many different types of devices–hard disk drives, solid-state drives, USB flash drives and SD cards, RAID arrays, but there are also many different reasons why you might need data recovered from any of these devices.

The work that goes into these recoveries can vary significantly. And it is that work, that labour our expert technicians have to perform, that determines the pricing for our service.

What does the data recovery process look like?

The data recovery process begins with our free quotation of your device. A technician will determine how much labour and time it will take to get your data back. It typically takes our technicians around two to three business days to complete an evaluation.

Once the evaluation is complete, we can give you an exact quote. At this point, it’s up to you to decide if you want to move forward with data recovery or not. If the cost seems prohibitive to you and your data just isn’t worth that much, then we can just give your device back to you (if you want it back, otherwise we can dispose of it with our secure data destruction facilities).

There is no fee associated with turning down further data recovery work. If you do approve the quote, we move forward and do all the work that salvaging your data entails. Assuming we’re successful in recovering the data, we’ll put the data onto a new.

Do I get to choose what data I get back?

Most customers don’t need everything back. Maybe your music collection you’ve been building up for years isn’t as high of a priority as your family photos from the past ten years (or maybe vise versa). Maybe the only thing that matters to you is a single Excel Spreadsheet and everything else was safely backed up.

Our recoveries are generally full recoveries (or, at least, as full as possible in situations in which severe damage has resulted in irreversible data loss). We give back everything we recover. However, we always make sure to ask what data is most important to you and which files, if any, you absolutely need back.

How long does it take to recover my data?

Typically, your device spends about one to two weeks with us, counting evaluation time; if it’s an emergency, our expedited data recovery service can take as little as a couple of business days.

Obviously, more complex devices such as RAID servers, NAS devices, virtual machines, etc. can take much longer since there is often much more work to do.

How much does it cost to have my hard drive examined?

The initial diagnosis is completely free.