All is not lost, we can recover data from
many different devices including
Hard Disk Drives, RAID, Laptops, Desktops,
Servers, USB Flash Drives & Memory Cards.

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If your computer runs very slow or
if you encounter intermittent crashes,
software problems and errors, then our
PC Health Check & Optimisation service can help.

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Don’t worry if your laptop screen is cracked or
broken, you’re in the right place. We can
supply and fit original manufacturer screens
for all makes and models of laptops & tablets.

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Got a PC that keeps freezing or producing
blue screen and stop errors. We can check your
system and minimise the frequency of blue screen
errors by detecting faulty software and hardware.

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Here to help you Repair, Install and Upgrade all your PC equipment!


Welcome to The PC Technicians

  The PC Technicians provide quality computer maintenance, equipment and service for home users and small to medium businesses. Our repair and
maintenance services include software troubleshooting and hardware repair for all makes and model of computer. We provide friendly help and advice
in a jargon-free fashion, from printing troubleshooting to computer maintenance contact us today, or learn more about us here.





  Bring-In your equipment to us – we can transfer
data, help with problems or just offer great advice.
Make sure you bring everything in with you,
see our Bring-In Checklist.
We can Pick-Up your equipment carry
out the service and return it to you hassle free.
Make sure you have everything ready, see
our Pick-Up Checklist.
When a Technician visits your Home or
Workplace they speak in plain English,
without technical jargon, so you understand
exactly what they’re doing and why.